Velvet Scrunchies - free pattern

A person is holding a pink and white fluffy sock.
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These beginner-friendly Velvet Scrunchies by Tiffany Brown will fly off your hook! If you are looking for an easy hair tie crochet pattern with a beautiful design, this one is for you. They are made of Bernat Velvet Plus super bulky yarn that gives them a fluffy fur-like feel. This will make them look great both when worn in your hair or on your hand. Make a couple of these lovely pieces to always have one in your toilet bag. Since this scrunchie crochet pattern works really fast it will do as a nice last-minute gift idea for your family or friends too. What’s super cool about the hair tie projects is that you can use literally any color you like to make them. Go for your favorite shades, use the one that matches your outfits, or follow the colorways suggested by the author. It’s up to you!

You work these Velvet Scrunchies with half-double crochets only which makes this pattern very easy for beginners. Prepare a hair elastic for the base you will stitch around to end up with a gorgeous crochet hair band. Ready to give it a try today?