Tiny Bunny - free pattern

Tiny crocheted bunnies in a book.
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This Tiny Bunny pattern by Anastasia Kirs will make any fan of micro-crocheting truly delighted! Create this cute little amigurumi piece and add it to your crochet collection! Work it in the round with basic stitches and see how fun it is to make. If you have ever tried micro-crocheting before, a little bit of increase and decrease to give your amigurumi pieces their unique shape shouldn’t cause any trouble. For this project, you will need to use thread that is much thinner than the yarn. That is why you won’t do without a right-sized crochet hook. A 0.75 mm one should do the job perfectly making the whole process easy and fast for you.

Wondering where you could use the Tiny Bunny piece? It will surely do as a lovely keyring. You can also attach it to your bag or backpack or even to your clothes as a decorative touch. Surely you will come up with a ton of ideas on how to use this wonderful crochet amigurumi project. How about adding a cute mini bow and making a tiny bunny girl?