Thistle and Clover Shawl - free pattern

Handcrafted green lace shawl displayed on a dressmaker's mannequin against a brick wall background.
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The Thistle and Clover Shawl by Amy B. Stitched stands out as a masterpiece of crochet artistry. If you’re looking for a new stylish accessory to enhance your summer attire, this wrap will be a hit. Using the lightweight Red Stag Fibre yarn along with a 3.5 mm hook, promises a shawl that’s rich in color. The wrap stretches to 70 inches in length and 17 inches wide, ensuring a luxurious coverage that drapes elegantly over the shoulders.

Designed for advanced and intermediate crocheters, it boasts an array of intricate stitches, including delicate picots. The deep, captivating hues of the yarn bring a sense of depth and elegance, making the shawl a versatile accessory. Whether it’s worn as a bold statement piece or subtly paired to enhance an outfit, it’s guaranteed to attract admiration. The Thistle and Clover Shawl is a garment that deserves to find its way into your closet this season!