Swirly Easter Bunny - free pattern

Crocheted bunny ornaments hanging on a string.
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The Swirly Easter Bunny crochet pattern by Atty van Norel is a delightful and whimsical project that’s perfect for beginners and anyone looking to add some Easter charm to their spring decor. This versatile applique design allows you to use any type of yarn, making it easy to customize your bunny to your liking.

With matching hook size recommendations, you can easily create these adorable Easter bunnies in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences. Whether you want to make a cute Easter decoration, a festive gift, or simply enjoy a fun and creative crochet project, this pattern is a great choice.

The Swirly Easter Bunny pattern is designed to bring a touch of joy to your Easter celebrations. Its playful design and simple construction make it an excellent choice for those who are new to crochet, as well as experienced crafters looking for a quick project to brighten up their spring season. Create a whole family of these bunnies to add a festive atmosphere to your home or to share with your loved ones!