Steve (Zissou) Turtle Amigurumi - free pattern

Handmade crocheted turtle amigurumi next to yarn balls.
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The Steve (Zissou) turtle amigurumi crochet pattern by Yanina Schenkel is a cute project suitable for beginners. Follow it to make a charming toy for children or an adorable decoration for your space.

Crafted with basic stitches and techniques, this pattern is accessible to crocheters of all skill levels, making it an ideal project for those just starting out on their crochet journey. With its simple construction and clear instructions, even beginners can create a lovable turtle friend to cherish.

Perfect for playtime or as a decorative accent, this Steve (Zissou) turtle will add a touch of fun and personality to any setting. Whether it’s a gift for a child or a whimsical addition to your own collection, this amigurumi pattern offers endless possibilities for creativity and enjoyment. Let your imagination take flight as you bring this beloved animal character to life in crochet form!