Spike Stitch Baby Blanket - free pattern

A colorful crocheted afghan in the shape of a lake sunset shawl, hanging on a chair.
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It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen a crochet blanket pattern that’s so colorful and beautiful! The Spike Stitch Baby Blanket from Crochetpedia has a gorgeous striped multicolor design that’s simply hard to go unnoticed. You work the beginner-friendly pattern with sport yarn so that the blanket feels very lightweight but still thick enough to keep your baby warm. It owes much of its beautiful texture to the spike stitch technique, which you’ll quickly get the hang of. Nothing too hard for a beginner crocheter with a basic skill level of doing stitches!

The Spike Stitch Baby Blanket will make a lovely gift for a baby shower. And we know that the handmade ones come truly special and straight from the heart! If you immediately fell in love with this wonderful blanket project, don’t hesitate to crochet it for your little one too! It is a great opportunity for you to use up the scraps of yarn left over in your toolkit.