Sparse Shadow Stained Glass Shawl - free pattern

a beautiful lace crochet cardigan
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The Sparse Shadow Stained Glass Shawl crochet pattern by Susan’s Family is a stunning piece inspired by the flower windows of the Forbidden City. Using Susan’s Family Combed Cotton, this pattern employs sport weight yarn and a 2.0 mm crochet hook to create a beautifully intricate design.

This piece is perfect for intermediate crocheters looking for a challenging and rewarding project. The cardigan features a three-cross and six-petal rhombus pattern with openwork lace, adding elegance and visual interest. This versatile garment can be worn in many ways. You can flip it upside down to achieve different visual effects, making it both a shawl and a cardigan.

The Sparse Shadow Stained Glass Shawl adds a touch of charm to any outfit, making it ideal for outings or as a stylish cover-up in air-conditioned rooms. This pattern combines functionality with elegance, providing a unique and beautiful accessory for your wardrobe!