Snuggle Bunny Baby Lovey - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted bunny stuffed animal.
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The Snuggle Bunny Baby Lovey crochet pattern by Ashleigh Kiser is a delightful and oversized security blanket for infants and toddlers. Made with soft and cozy Lion Brand Feels Like Butta and Baby Soft Boucle yarns, this security blanket is a perfect choice for a baby shower gift. Its gender-neutral design ensures that it’s suitable for any baby – you can switch it to any color you like.

The pattern offers one size, but you can easily adjust it to create a larger or smaller security blanket according to your preference. This crochet project introduces various techniques, including basic stitches, increase and decrease, and a magic ring, being suitable for upper beginners.

The finished lovey is wonderfully cuddly and will become a cherished companion for little ones, providing comfort and warmth. Crochet this charming bunny lovey to give a thoughtful and practical gift to a new parent and their baby!