Snoopy Advent Christmas Calendar - free pattern

Snoopy's advent calendar.
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Count down the days to Christmas with the whimsical Snoopy Advent Christmas Calendar crochet pattern by Stephanie Pokorny. Designed for intermediates, this project provides a delightful and festive way to engage with the holiday spirit. Crafted with two types of yarn held together – the durable Premier Anti-Pilling worsted weight and a touch of Premier Yarns Bunny – this calendar is not only charming but also built to last.

Featuring two different hook sizes and measuring 24″ wide by 30″ tall, the Snoopy Advent Christmas Calendar is a delightful addition to your holiday decor. Stephanie Pokorny’s attention to detail ensures that each day’s pocket is a small treasure waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re gifting it to the little ones or crochet enthusiasts, this calendar promises joy and anticipation throughout the holiday season. Celebrate the magic of Christmas with this unique and charming Snoopy Advent Christmas Calendar, crocheted with love and creativity by Stephanie Pokorny.