Platypus Potholder - free pattern

Two crocheted frogs on a wooden floor.
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The Platypus Potholder crochet pattern by Cordelia Serene is a delightful and functional addition to your kitchen decor. Crafted with Schachenmayr Cotton Time yarn and a 4.0 mm hook, this project allows you to create charming platypus-shaped potholders.

Perfect for beginners, this pattern focuses on basic crochet stitches, making it an excellent project for those new to crocheting. Whether you’re a novice or experienced crocheter, you’ll find joy in crafting these adorable and practical potholders.

The platypus design adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen while serving its primary function of protecting your hands and surfaces from heat. Whether you’re handling hot pots and pans or looking for a unique gift idea, these potholders are sure to bring smiles and style to your kitchen.

With easy-to-follow instructions and basic stitches, this crochet pattern allows you to create functional art while enjoying the soothing and creative process of crocheting. Elevate your kitchen with the Platypus Potholder crochet pattern today!