Pink Gingham Blanket - free pattern

A pink and white crocheted afghan.
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This Pink Gingham Blanket from Daisy Farm Crafts looks very lovely and will snuggle your baby cozily. It features a classic checked design and a beautiful dense texture. This project will help you level up your tapestry crochet skills as it involves working with three different colors in a single row. If you really like the cute girly pink look don’t hesitate to use the same shades for your project. Employing a blue family of colors in turn will make it more suitable for boys. Apart from the colorwork techniques, this crochet baby blanket is very easy to make using basic stitches.

It comes in a warm and incredibly soft fabric made of medium-weight Aran yarn. The finished piece measures 36 x 36 inches when full open which is a perfect size for a receiving blanket. This project will also make the best baby shower gift you can imagine. Be sure to add the adorable wavy border for the final touch. The Pink Gingham Blanket is worth giving it a try!