Ornament Bear - free pattern

a crochet bear amigurumi with a red scarf and christmas sweater
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The Ornament Bear amigurumi crochet pattern by Sweet Softies brings a touch of holiday cheer to your crafting. This adorable teddy bear is dressed and ready for the winter festivities, making it an excellent companion for children or a delightful ornament for your Christmas tree.

Standing at a height of 6.5 inches, Ornament Bear can be easily customized to match your holiday decor or personal preferences. Attach a loop to his head to transform him into a charming Christmas tree ornament, adding a unique touch to your seasonal decorations. The pattern offers plenty of room for creativity, allowing you to change colors, designs, or even add embellishments and appliques to the bear’s head.

Whether as a cherished Christmas gift or a festive addition to your own holiday decor, Ornament Bear is sure to spread joy and warmth throughout the season. This pattern is suitable for crocheters with familiar beginner-level skills and a basic understanding of stitches, color changes, and sewing pieces together.