Nebula Cowl - free pattern

Two pictures of a knitted scarf with buttons.
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Wrap yourself in the cozy allure of the Nebula Cowl with this crochet pattern by Megan Meyer. Crafted with Montana Crochet Merino Worsted yarn in worsted weight and a 5.5 mm hook, this clothing accessory exudes warmth and style. The suggested materials ensure a soft and luxurious addition to your wardrobe that’s perfect for colder seasons.

Measuring approximately 8.5″ in width and 28″ in length before joining, the Nebula Cowl showcases the beauty of the herringbone half-double crochet stitch. Megan Meyer’s pattern provides a simple and enjoyable way to create this eye-catching cowl, allowing for customization based on your preferred size.

The Nebula Cowl is designed for beginners, making it an accessible project for those new to crochet. Whether you choose to replicate the sample with hand-dyed yarn or explore your stash for the perfect yarn, this pattern offers versatility and comfort. Crochet the Nebula Cowl and embrace the elegance of handmade warmth during chilly weather.