Mini Norwegian Nisse/Gnome Christmas Decoration - free pattern

Crocheted gnomes with beards and hats.
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Decorate your Christmas with the charming Mini Norwegian Nisse/Gnome Christmas Decoration amigurumi crochet pattern by Ninja Cat Crafts. Crafted using Garnstudio DROPS Safran yarn and a 2.5 mm hook, these mini nisse are quick and beginner-friendly projects perfect for the holiday season.

These little gnomes can be suspended from your Christmas tree or scattered throughout your home to add a playful touch to your holiday decor. The pattern allows you to get creative with colors, glitters, and stitched decorations to match your festive mood.

With essential crochet stitches like single crochet, slip stitch, invisible decrease, and single crochet decrease, this pattern is accessible to crocheters with basic stitch knowledge. The finished decorations measure approximately 11 cm tall, making them perfect for various uses during the holidays. Unleash your creativity and give your Christmas decor a dose of whimsy with these Mini Norwegian Nisse/Gnomes, each crafted with love and the joy of the season!