Magnolia Tote Bag - free pattern

A person holding a large crochet shoulder bag with orange and black floral patterns on a white background, set against a mountainous backdrop.
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The Magnolia Tote Bag crochet pattern by Jessica Reeves Potasz features vintage chic and true bohemian flair. Crafted with Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, a sturdy and washable worsted weight yarn, this pattern creates an oversized tote that’s durable and stylish — perfect for spring and summer outings.

The design features colorful granny squares that you can customize by selecting your favorite four colors. The mercerized cotton yarn enhances the bag’s durability while adding a slight sheen. This handmade accessory will suit various occasions, from a day at the pool to a casual stroll through the farmers market.

Assembling the tote involves joining together multiple granny squares, making this project ideal for crocheting on the go. If you’re familiar with crafting basic granny squares, making this tote will be a fun and rewarding experience. The Magnolia Tote Bag is perfect for those who value a blend of classic crochet techniques with contemporary usability.