Little Sophie Poncho - free pattern

a girl wearing a colorful crochet poncho
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The Little Sophie Poncho crochet project from DROPS Design is an adorable and fun garment that any little girl will love. Worked up with Aran weight yarn and a 5.0 mm crochet hook, this pattern is written for sizes 5/7, 8/10, and 12/14 years. A classic granny stitch and simple construction make this little poncho perfect for every beginner.

The garment features a stylish V-neck design and top-down construction so you can easily adjust its length while crocheting it. The granny stripe clusters offer endless colorway options, allowing for personal customization. Consider adding some appliques, such as flowers, to make its design even more cute and fun.

Cozy and stylish, this is a piece that loves to be worn. Perfect for that special extra touch to any outfit, the Little Sophie Poncho will make a great addition to any child’s wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to put it on your project list and start making it soon or save it as a birthday gift idea!