Little Owl - free pattern

Crocheted owl keychains.
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Craft a touch of enchantment with the Little Owl crochet pattern by Johanna Harjula. Designed for beginners, this charming project invites you to bring a flock of adorable owls to life using Sandnes Garn Sisu yarn and a 2.5mm crochet hook. The result is a delightful collection of miniature owls that can serve as enchanting keychains or precious toys and gifts.

With simplicity at its core, this pattern is perfect for those new to crochet, offering a quick and enjoyable crafting experience. The owls’ compact size allows for speedy completion, making them an ideal project for those seeking a satisfying and whimsical creation.

Whether you’re adorning your keyring with these feathered friends or gifting them to fellow craft enthusiasts, the Little Owl pattern is a testament to the joy of crochet. Immerse yourself in the art of amigurumi as you follow the straightforward instructions, creating a squadron of endearing owls that capture the heart with their handmade charm.