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Little Crocheted Owl Collection of Free Patterns

Cute Ami Owl Collection

Crocheting is a great way to embody nature themes in artwork. One such theme is the owl, especially when talking about amigurumi. They are fun to make because of their simple form, which is highly amenable to stylizing in crochet.

Their large eyes and adorable ears make for a very graceful and fun topic. Small amigurumi crocheted owls are great for beginners, also because they work up fast. Make a whole bunch for your family and friends and have a hoot!

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Crocheted Owl Keychain

These cute owls are quick, easy and very, very adorable. I love such projects when there is a bunch of people to send gifts to. They are also very versatile, because they are perfect as a keychain, but you can make them as a Christmas tree or every day ornaments as well.

Owl Keychain Free Crochet Pattern

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Owlet Keychain/ Little Owl


Ami Owl

Here is another cute little owl project that will have your kos hooting with delight. This is an easy, and consequently quick pattern that will allow you to rapidly make a whole tree- or nursery-full of these cute birds in numerous sizes and a whole bunch of colors.

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Ami Owl


Mr. Murasaki Crocheted Owl 

Mr. Murasaki is a lovely, sleepy crocheted owl that sets a great example for your kids. See? Mr. Murasaki’s is already sleeping, and you should go to bed as well. This cute and huggable amigurumi doll is safe and lovable even for the littlest ones. Well done Mei Li Lee!

Mr Murasaki Owl

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An Owl Is Born… Free Crochet Pattern

The “An Owl is Born” This cute little crocheted owl sits on his perch on a tree branch. The pattern is quite simple, but the overall effect is absolutely great. In particular, the balancing act is well designed. It’s perhaps not the best toy for the youngest kids, but the older ones will greatly appreciate this bird keeping watch over their desk or bookshelf. We like this pattern for its clever solutions that make an interesting and highly decorative amigurumi.

An Owl is Born

The full article about this pattern is here:
An Owl Is Born…

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