Lilliana Blanket - free pattern

A colorful crocheted afghan on a wooden table.
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Lilliana Blanket pattern from Hooked on Sunshine makes a true crochet masterpiece! The stitches employed for this blanket project produce a wonderful intricate texture that will sweep you off your feet. Following the pattern instructions you should receive a 145 x 145 cm crocheted blanket you can turn into a charming element of your home décor. It will certainly do as a fabulous sofa throw or even a bedspread.

The Lilliana Blanket pattern involves a whole range of different crochet techniques and stitches. So if you are looking for a challenging project to hone your crochet skills, you should definitely consider making this one. What’s also super cool about this pattern is that it’s available in two colour ways to choose from. Be sure to add tassels and plastic beads on the corners to give it an even more glamorous look! Looks like you’ve just found the perfect crochet piece to work on for the next few days.