Lee’s Rainbow Cardigan - free pattern

A woman wearing a rainbow colored cardigan in the snow.
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Add a pop of color to your cold-weather wardrobe with Lee’s Rainbow Cardigan crochet pattern by Lee Sartori. Crafted with Furls Wander Acrylic Yarn in a worsted weight, this cardigan is a perfect canvas for showcasing vibrant hues. The pattern is thoughtfully designed to be beginner-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of crocheters.

The cardigan is worked in individual pieces, allowing for a comfortable fit and easy assembly. The simplicity of the half double crochet stitches creates a cozy and inviting texture, making this garment perfect for casual wear and relaxed occasions. The beauty of the Rainbow Cardigan lies not only in its colorful palette but also in the uncomplicated construction that makes it an enjoyable project.

Enhance your wardrobe with the warmth and charm of Lee’s Rainbow Cardigan, an accessible and stylish crochet pattern that celebrates the joy of creating and wearing handmade garments. Be sure to give it a try!