Hatching Alien - free pattern

a green crochet baby alien amigurumi in a robe
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The Hatching Alien crochet amigurumi pattern from Kayte-Did’s will make a lovely soft toy for a child. There is no doubt that Aliens are a common theme in movies, books and even children’s stories. They come portrayed either as scary or super friendly. This crochet baby alien will surely steal your heart with its cute design.

If you already have a good understanding of crochet and would like to try your hand at an amigurumi project, this pattern is for you. Prepare to work it in continuous rows using single crochets, a magic ring as well as increasing and decreasing stitches. For this project, you will need a medium-weight yarn and two crochet hook sizes if you plan on crocheting the egg spaceship for this little buddy. The colors are optional so let your imagination fly with this crochet pattern. The Hatching Alien amigurumi will be a perfect gift idea for every science fiction fan.