Halloween Amigrumi Set - free pattern

A group of crocheted amigurumi pumpkins and candy corns.
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Elevate your Halloween celebration with the Halloween Amigurumi Set crochet pattern by StringyDingDing. This versatile set includes a Ghost Advent Calendar, a charming Pumpkin Amigurumi, a playful Candy Corn Amigurumi, and a spooky Bat Amigurumi, adding a touch of Halloween whimsy to your home decor or festivities. Additionally, the set includes Costume Kids Amigurumi featuring a Unicorn, Pumpkin, and Devil, bringing extra delight to the holiday.

Crafted using a 4 mm crochet hook and medium weight yarn, this pattern is ideal for those seeking an enjoyable project that allows for creativity in color choice. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a passionate beginner, these amigurumi creations are achievable and perfect for decorating, gifting, or just adding a festive touch to your Halloween season. Unleash your imagination and bring a playful spirit to the spookiest time of the year with this delightful Halloween Amigurumi Set.