Fleece Teddy & Bunny - free pattern

Two pictures of a girl holding two teddy bears.
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With the Fleece Teddy & Bunny amigurumi crochet pattern by Stephanie Jessica Lau, you are sure to create adorable cuddly stuffies that will make the best companions for your child. They will do as a beautiful birthday gift too. Would go for the classic teddy bear design or perhaps the cute lop-eared bunny piece? If you are already in love with both animals feel free to give a try to each one of them. Intermediates and beginners who already have their first amigurumi projects done will find it quick and easy to make.

The Fleece Teddy & Bunny is worked in the round with basic stitches and a magic ring. You will also need to know how to increase and decrease to get the unique shape for your amigurumi pieces. Make sure to use jumbo yarn that results in a super fluffy fabric incredibly soft to the touch. If you are an absolute beginner, working with such a thick yarn can be tricky for you, so we don’t recommend using it as your first crochet project. Be sure to save it for later or start crafting today!