Fan Bookmark - free pattern

Four crochet bookmarks with different colors of yarn.
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The Fan Bookmark crochet pattern by Crochetroo offers an opportunity to create a delicate and charming accessory for your reading adventures. This project involves working with fine crochet thread, such as DMC Coton Perlé 8, and a 1.25 mm hook, resulting in a beautifully intricate piece.

The fan-like design of this bookmark adds an elegant touch to your books and makes for a perfect gift for book lovers. This pattern incorporates tall stitches and picots, making it well-suited for intermediate crocheters who are looking to expand their skills. The finished bookmark can be made stiffer using spray starch and ironing.

Not only is the Fan Bookmark a practical accessory for marking your place in a book, but it’s also a lovely handmade creation that showcases your crochet craftsmanship. Whether you’re creating it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this crochet pattern adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any reading collection. Enjoy the process of crafting while creating something both functional and aesthetically pleasing with the Fan Bookmark!