Expansion Scarf - free pattern

Handmade tasseled shawl hanging on a wooden hanger against a white wall.
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Dora Does’ Expansion Scarf pattern presents a perfect way to master linked crochet stitches. It’s a great choice for crocheters eager to practice new crafting techniques while still creating something stylish and practical. This scarf is worked with Unbelieva-wool Sparkle Sock, a shiny, airy yarn that catches the eye.

The scarf begins with short stitches and eventually expands in stitch height before narrowing back toward the end, creating a visually pleasing ridge structure. The pattern gives you an excellent chance to familiarize yourself with linked stitching. Completing the scarf with tassels brings a beautiful and playful touch to the finished product.

Even though the pattern calls for a lightweight fingerling yarn, you can choose any type of yarn to make it. Just be sure to adjust the number of increased rows to accommodate. Whether you’re wearing an outfit for a party or putting on an elegant top for a casual beach day, this stunning scarf will accompany you for many seasons.