Cube Bunny Rabbit - free pattern

Two pictures of crocheted bunnies with carrots.
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This Cube Bunny Rabbit crochet amigurumi from Crafty Bunny Bun will melt your heart immediately. It features a basic cube body from which you will grow these lovely little cuties. The pattern is super customizable in terms of color and measurement. The author prepared it in three different sizes you can choose between or try out each one of them. It will make an adorable cuddly toy for your kids or a charming room decoration.

The good news is that this Cube Bunny Rabbit crochet pattern is very easy and super quick to work even for beginners. Prepare to make it in a spiral of continuous rounds using single crochets, a magic ring, and a bit of shaping. Be sure to employ a DK yarn that delights with a soft delicate feel. Don’t forget to add two big safety eyes and a cute tiny nose for the finished look. The final but optional step is to crochet a tasty carrot snack for your bunny.