Crochet Kitchen Scrubby - free pattern

a set of crochet kitchen scrubbies
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The Crochet Kitchen Scrubby pattern by Esther Thompson is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to make a practical and eco-friendly addition to their kitchen. This handmade accessory mimics the look and feel of a traditional kitchen sponge but is 100% cotton and reusable. All you need to have to be able to make it is a bit of worsted yarn and a 5.5 mm crochet hook.

This pattern is super easy to follow, and you can complete the whole project in less than one hour. With a wide range of colors available in cotton and scrubby yarns, the possibilities for color combinations are endless. You can create a scrubby that perfectly matches your kitchen decor or make a bunch in different colors for a fun variety.

This project is not only great for your own use, but it also makes an easy and thoughtful gift. Handmade scrubbies are perfect for housewarming presents or as a little something extra in a gift basket. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something both beautiful and useful with the Crochet Kitchen Scrubby pattern!