Crafty Boho Wall Hanger - free pattern

A woman is holding up a crocheted flower wall hanging.
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The Crafty Boho Wall Hanger crochet pattern by Ashley Stallsworth is a charming and versatile project that allows you to create a beautiful decorative piece for your home. This boho-inspired wall hanger features a circular design with lovely textured stitches, making it a perfect addition to a nursery, bedroom, or any room in your house.

The pattern suggests using Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! in an aran weight, providing both softness and durability. With a 5.0 mm crochet hook, you can work on this project comfortably.

What makes this pattern truly customizable is the option to add your choice of crochet flowers to the bottom of the wall hanger. You have the creative freedom to use any hook, yarn, or flower pattern to create the flowers, allowing you to personalize the piece to your liking. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or want to adorn it with an abundance of flowers, the choice is entirely yours.

Once completed, the Crafty Boho Wall Hanger measures approximately 10 inches in diameter, excluding the fringe, adding a touch of bohemian style to your home decor. Enjoy creating this delightful and artistic piece to showcase your crochet skills and decorate your living spaces!