Chicken Rooster - free pattern

Three crocheted chickens on a white background.
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The Chicken Rooster crochet pattern by the Red Heart Design Team allows you to create adorable amigurumi with a farmyard charm. These feathered friends stand at approximately 4 inches (10 cm) in height, excluding their combs and legs, making them a delightful and manageable project for intermediate crocheters.

Crafted with Red Heart Amigurumi yarn, these roosters come to life with intricate details and character. With a suggested yarn weight of fingering and a 2.25 mm crochet hook, you can achieve the perfect size and shape for these charming creatures.

The pattern offers clear and comprehensive instructions to guide you through the creation process, ensuring that your finished creations are both realistic and endearing. Whether you’re an experienced amigurumi enthusiast or looking to challenge your crochet skills, these Chicken Rooster amigurumi figures provide a fun and rewarding project that can be used for decorative purposes or given as unique, handmade gifts. Enjoy crafting your own crochet rooster flock!