Charlotte Granny Square - free pattern

Two intricately crocheted squares with a floral pattern in shades of blue and white, displayed side by side against a neutral background.
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The Charlotte Granny Square pattern by Dedri Uys offers you the opportunity to create a stunning and intricate square. Scheepjes Softfun Aquarel DK yarn and a 4.0 mm hook will bring you the best results, so make sure to use them. With a finished size of 17 inches, this square is perfect for various projects, from blankets to pillows and more.

Combining dense overlay stitches with delicate and lacy elements, the Charlotte square exudes a charming vintage vibe that adds elegance to any project. While the pattern may pose a challenge to beginners, it’s an excellent choice for intermediate crocheters looking to expand their skills and create a timeless piece.

Whether you’re embellishing a cozy blanket or adding a touch of nostalgia to your home decor, the Charlotte Granny Square pattern provides endless possibilities for creativity. Dive into this enchanting design and discover the joy of crafting something beautiful with your own hands!