Ashley Headband - free pattern

Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted headband.
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Introducing the Ashley Headband crochet pattern by Divine Debris, a perfect solution to keep your ears warm during the chilly seasons. Crafted with Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice aran weight yarn and a 6.0 mm crochet hook, this headband is not only stylish but also a quick and easy project. With a height of 4.5” and a diameter ranging from 10.5″ to 11″ when laid flat, it’s designed for one size, making it suitable for various head circumferences.

This pattern is an excellent choice for those looking for a cozy accessory to endure the colder months. The Ashley Headband features a delightful texture and can be whipped up in just one evening using less than a skein of yarn. It’s a practical and fashionable solution for those days when you want to keep warm without sacrificing style. Add this headband to your collection and embrace comfort and flair during the winter, fall, or spring seasons.