Amigurumi Yoshi - free pattern

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Craft your very own adorable Amigurumi Yoshi with this crochet pattern by Trischa Morales. Embrace your creativity by choosing the color that suits your fancy, just like Yoshies come in a variety of colors in the Mario games. The finished Yoshi plushie is designed to stand around 10½ to 11 inches tall, making it the perfect cuddle companion.

For this project, grab your trusty 4 mm crochet hook. This pattern is ideal for intermediate crocheters, allowing you to showcase your skills with both basic and post stitches. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create the recognizable features of Yoshi, from the endearing face to the iconic saddle on the back.

Whether you’re a fan of the Mario franchise or simply love cute amigurumi, this Yoshi crochet pattern is a delightful project to immerse yourself in. Let your creativity run wild as you bring Yoshi to life with yarn and a hook, adding a touch of whimsy to your crochet collection. Happy crocheting!