Airpod Cases: Under the Sea - free pattern

A crocheted stuffed animal and a crocheted teddy bear.
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The AirPod Cases: Under the Sea pattern by Crocket Crochet is a charming collection of five unique styles inspired by the enchanting world of the ocean. With whimsical designs such as the Whale, the Clownfish, the Shark, the Wonderful Shell, and the Seal, these AirPod cases are a delightful way to protect your headphones while infusing a bit of undersea magic into your daily life.

The pattern includes a base case as well as a Beach Ball, which doubles as a charger protector. These AirPod cases are designed to fit AirPod 1 and 2, provided you use worsted yarn and a 2.5 mm crochet hook for crafting.

Whether you’re a sea lover or simply looking to add a touch of aquatic whimsy to your accessory collection, these crochet patterns are a fun and creative project. Each design captures the essence of ocean life and brings a unique character to your AirPod case. Enjoy crafting these adorable under-the-sea-themed cases and protect your headphones in style!