Mug Rug Free Crochet Patterns


Don’t settle for boring old coasters.

Support your coffee with pride, support it with a dedicated mug rug. Indeed, this is one of these projects that you see, and you ask yourself “why haven’t I thought of this before”? Moreover, whether you make one for a favorite cuppa, or a complete set, they will make a perfect gift. Better still, it doesn’t matter if the recipient (yourself included :D) has a modern, minimalistic home or an old-timey cottage out in the woods. A lovely mug rug will undoubtedly add a pleasant, heartfelt touch to your table. Here are my favourite mug rug crochet patterns:

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Mug Rug Pink Cats

This mug rug is great for showing off your gingham skills. Isn’t it simply perfect for the Wonder Woman mug?

Skills: Easy            Designer:  Divine Debris

Mug Rug Pink Cats

The full article about this pattern is here:

Pretty in Gingham Mug Rug


Stay Home Mug Rug

The Stay Home mug rug is a wonderful, warm and cozy touch of home. In particular, this effect is made stronger by the earth tones and frilly ends.

Skills:  Easy        Designer: Simply Vintage Crochet

The full article about this pattern is here:

Stay Home Mug Rug




Mug Hug and Rug

Mug rugs are great, not only are they beautiful, but protect valuable furniture against a plague of “coffee ring”. However, what’s the use, when your cuppa chills to absolute zer in no time? Never fear, these mug hugs have you, and your mug covered.

Skills:  Easy        Designer:  Marinke Slump

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mug Hug and Rug


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