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Mountain Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

Here is an idea for your next project.

So, why not make a mountain blanket to remind you of those wonderful and wonderful views on higher ground? Of course, we all love the majesty and beauty of a snow-covered peak, even though so many of us live in the lowlands. However, all is not lost and here are some mountain-themed projects to help you work the highlands into your crocheting. Furthermore, these are simple, easy projects that will be a joy to make, and to wrap up in afterwards. Better still, you can modify them as you please, so that the mountains will change as you modify the design.

Snowy Mountains Baby Blanket

To begin with, there are some babies that are born mountaineers. Consequently, I hink you should feed that passion early, right out of the crib.

The full article about this pattern is on blog:

 Snowy Mountain Baby Blanket

 Mountain Blanket
Secondly, this more pictorial mountain blanket will make a great throw of cover. Undoubtedly, the majestic mountains becon the beholder just like the originals.

Mountain Blanket

The full article about this pattern is on blog:

 Crochet C2C Mountains Square

More info about PharmErica’s project on Ravelry.


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