A bed with a colorful blanket on it.

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Multiple mosaics moreover.

So, to continue with the theme of mosaics, here are some ideas for a mosaic bedspread. However, if you aren’t sure whether these will go with the rest of your decor, you can be certain all of them a re customizable and variable. Indeed, you can even make them in monochrome, and be the only one that knows that it’s a mosaic. Thereby, this could be your secret crochet knowledge. Of course, you can also make them as colorful as you please, to show off your inner hippy.

Postcards From Sweden

Overall, this mosaic bedspread is a classic home staple that’s a great way to add a ton of color into your room. Furthermore, it’s also a fun project that you can work on on and off as your time dictates.

Skills: easy      Designer: The Button Ship

Postcards From Sweden

The full article about this pattern is here:

Emerald Asscher Afghan Square

more info on Ravelry.

Hybrid Quilt Free Crochet Pattern

This triangular half-square mosaic bedspread pattern combines both traditional complete squares and ones made of two triangular half-squares. To summarize, the diagonal divisions allow you to experiment with any number of either repeating or random patterns and layouts.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Tracy Fear

hybrid quilt

The full article about this pattern is here:

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