Mood Blanket from A Better Granny Rectangle Free Crochet Pattern


Are you looking for something spectacular? This amazing eye-catching blanket is easy to make and will give you lots of fun! Each rectangle hue can represent your everyday mood (so that’s the name – Mood Blanket), but if your are not ‘moody’ you can treat this blanket as a perfect pattern to use yarn scraps. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. The link to the pattern is below

Skills: Easy   Yarn: all 100% cotton (Katia, Catania, Cotton8, Phildar, etc)  Designer  MARROSE Colorful Crochet & Crafts

Mood Blanket - spectacular scraps and granny rectangles
Photos: MARROSE Colorful Crochet & Crafts/Crochet Again

Mood Blanket from A Better Granny Rectangle– visit the free pattern site For tutorial how to crochet A Better Granny Rectangle made by Crochet Again go directly here.


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  1. you know your not making this easy to get your pattern! I would love to have the full pattern because this would be my first time to make one like this!

  2. I would love to have the mood granny rectangle afgan pattern along with the joining process . Very sharp looking and great to use all your scrapes.

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