A must-have collage of crocheted monstera leaves and pots.

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Monstera fans of the world, unite!

So, this wonderful but much underrated plant is a great home decoration and a wonderful theme for crochet projects. After all, the unusual, veined and holed leaves make for some super fascinating and intriguing shapes. Indeed, not everything we crochet has to be done with geometric precision. Therefore, some less regular, more organic shapes can be a great subject as well. Aside from that, the monstera is a beautiful decorative plant that has its own fanbase and proponents.  Let’s make a monstera lovers must have with crochet.

Monstera Clutch

To begin with, the first monstera lovers must have is a clutch with a monstera leaf boldly crocheted on it. Of course, you can change the colors, but i’s simply wonderful as is.

Monstara Clutch

The full article about this pattern is on  eclairemakery.com blog:

Monstera Clutch

Monstera Leaf Plant Hanger Tutorial

However, for a monstera lovers must have that’s a little more botanical, why not cuddle your monstera in a monstera-themed pot hanger?

monstera hanger

The full article about this pattern is on JolieKnots Crochet’s Youtube channel:

Monstera Plant Hanger Crochet Tutorial

Monstera Crochet Square

Alternatively, you can combine the organic leaf and geometric shape in this monstera lovers must have: a crochet square.

monstara square

The full article about this pattern is on brianakdesigns.com blog:

Monstera Crochet Square

Ombre Monstera Bag

Lastly, you can make a monstera lovers must have on a background other than white and in colors other than a solid green. Indeed, this ombre-shaded monstera leaf is living proof. Consequently, there is also a paid pattern we need to mention:

ombre monstera

The full article about this pattern is on www.outstandingcrochet.com blog:

Ombre Monstera Bag

more info on Ravelry.

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