Millstone Stitch Crochet Projects

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Hello, lovely people! If you have been a part of the online community of crochet-enthusiasts for some time now, you must be aware that the number of ideas and new sources of inspiration is enormous here. Well, our mission is to help you find the best ones! Worry no more then, you will never feel lost and confused again! Let’s get to the theme of today’s post though as it is really special. This mini-collection of Millstone Stitch Crochet Projects includes the most impressive, inspiring variations on the awesome technique you have probably heard about before. It is a real crème de la crème, so don’t hesitate any longer!

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Millstone Stitch Crochet Projects

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Millstone Stitch Ideas – Article by Crochetpedia

Hello, yarn-lovers, Crochetpedia here! If your first millstone stitch project is still ahead of you, consider yourself lucky. You have just found the best source of knowledge and inspiration possible. Dive in right away, it will be a fascinating adventure!

Millstone Stitch Ideas

Go to the article: Millstone Stitch Ideas.


Millstone Stitch Blanket Free Crochet Tutorial

Are you planning to become the queen of baby showers this season? Do you want to win the auntie of the year title? Well then, this awesome tutorial for millstone stitch will get you there! Use soft shades like this author did and enjoy the most delightful baby blanket of all time.

millstone stitch crochet blanket free pattern

Go to the tutorial: Millstone Stitch, info about this version and the photos here and here.


Millstone Stitch Pillow

Millstone stitch is great for blankets and throws, obviously, but you can also use it to give the good old sofa a new life! Is there a better way to change the character of your interiors than adding a set of handmade cushions here and there? We don’t think so!

millstone stitch crochet Pillow

Go to the author’s profile here: corine_haakt, info about the project and the photos here and here.


Millstone Stitch Blanket Crochet Pattern

Yellow and green, such a timeless combination! It looks really lovely with the addition of white and light grey, doesn’t it? This version of the classic millstone stitch blanket makes us think of the first days of spring. Will you follow in this author’s footsteps?

millstone stitch blanket crochet pattern

Go to the full article about the pattern: Bertie Baby Blanket, info about this version and the photos here.


Millstone Stitch Blanket Free Crochet Tutorial

Wow, this combination of colors is so heart-warming! This version of our favorite stitch will be perfect for projects that celebrate the charm of fall. We absolutely adore this mix of deep shades! Will you stick with it or go for something else? Let us know!

millstone stitch crochet blanket

Go to the tutorial: Millstone Stitch, info about this version and the photos here.

Millstone Stitch 

Oh, look what I found today! It’s an old, vintage stitch. It’s so beautiful and it will be perfect for any baby blanket or bedcover. The structure of the millstone stitch will give you lots of possibilities of joining hues to make unique and incredible colour combos.

Millsstone Stitch for Baby Blanket Crochet Free Pattern

photos by Potter and Bloom /

Find this tutorial on, or see video on

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