Mile a minute baby blanket ideas

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We all need some things done fast

Whether you need a blanket and accessories for your own baby, or you want to give someone else a beautiful, special gift, it’s often needed “toot sweet”. So, tho this end, there is no better project than a mile a minute baby blanket. While it looks quite intricate and complicated, the mile a minute crochet pattern is relatively simple . Thus it will allow you to take advantage of its biggest advantage – speed! Moreover, they are highly customizable in terms of color, and can match any baby… or more importantly mom. Indeed, from delicate pastels to strong, juicy hues – no nursery decor is safe 😀 Whatever you do, stay creative. The links to free patterns are under the photos.

Before we will go further, here are our the best baby blanket ideas combined together you have to visit later on:

Our Favorite Rainbow Baby Blankets – Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Ideas


Mile A Minute Baby Afghan

Mix white and blue to get the perfect mile a minute baby blanket. After all, white and blue are royal and regal! As you can see, you can join any color with white to get a delightful blanket, and pastels are definitely recommended for nurseries!

Skills: Easy Designer: Caron Design TeamMile a minute baby blanket

Go to the pattern: Mile a Minute Baby Afghan

more info about project also on Ravelry.

Pastel and White Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Alternatively, you can mix and match many colors to get a stunning effect. After all, a very colorful baby blanket is always a great idea for a baby-shower gift Not only is it attractive, but also quite dazzling. Here, 10 rows in 5 colors make this delightful effect and it certainly does the job, doesn’t it?

Skills: Easy Designer: Caron Design Team

Mile a minute baby blanket

Go to the pattern: Mile a Minute Baby Afghan.

More info here.

Mile a minute baby blanket

Next, here is another quickie and cheapie  version using Poundland  yarn. While not expensive, it’s certainly quite a looker, isn’t it?


Mile a minute baby blanket

Go to the pattern:  Mile a Minute Baby Afghan.

photo by Karen J Instagram.

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