Little Mouse Free Crochet Patterns

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There is a million different things you can do with amigurumi. These mice are a great example of an ami using a non-spherical shape (an ovoid in this case) coupled with attractive and fun accessories to make a cute-as-sin mouse family. You can make them in traditional fall colors, and have a beautiful decoration for your Thanksgiving table or for your kids to play with. The finished mice are 7″ tall, which makes them quite large and perfect for little arms to hug. If those arms are very little, and tend to put things in their attached mouth, don’t forget to use crocheted eyes for safety. A link to free patterns is included under the photos.

Little Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

Skills: Easy   Designer : Chuchkalova Marina

Little Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

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Little Mouse

Sleeping Baby Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

This tiny crochet mouse can be an alternative project or addition to the bigger mouse. You can crochet a whole mouse family as well.

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Sleeping Baby Mouse

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