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 Are you a crochet beginner looking to move to the next level? Lise’s crochet Afghan Square is the perfect pattern for you. While overall it is quite easy, there is some crafty stich placement that makes this project just that tad more difficult than purely beginner projects. The yarn weight and hook size are highly customizable, and by playing around with these you will achieve a high variety of finishes, textures, and, best of all, really hone your crochet skills and knowledge.
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Upper foto: © Alayajoy

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Lise Crochet Afghan Square – Free Crochet Pattern is on Raverly.  Before you download the pattern, we recommend you to watch video tutorial below:

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  1. Rita King says:

    Beautiful, on my to do list. Thank you very much. Rita

  2. Beverly Preston says:

    I love all crochet patterns but i only know two patterns i would like know how do different patterns

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