Lilliana Blanket Free Crochet Blanket Patterns and Video Tutorials

Lilliana Blanket Free Crochet Blanket Patterns and Video Tutorials
Lilliana blanket fe

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Lilliana Blanket is one of the most popular and beautiful crochet blanket patterns.

This beautiful blanket was created by Hooked on Sunshine, by CAL who finished it in 2017. It is one of the most popular and beautiful patterns.
A written pattern is available in 11 downloadable Parts. The blanket is written to make a 145cm x 145cm blanket. For bigger blanket, you will have to add extra rows. 

Looking for an easy crochet blanket?

The Lilliana blanket is not an easy afghan crochet pattern and may looks complicated and overwhelming at first. It needs more attention than easy crochet blanket patterns like for example a stripe afghan. You shouldn’t be worry though, as there is a plenty of help you can get.
Firstly, as one of the CAL free crochet patterns, Lilliana Blanket has detailed step by step instructions. You can also follow the video tutorials below for this blanket CAL in which the most difficult parts are explained.  The video content will help you in a real time to create step by step. With Instructional video and easy to understand step by step guides, you will complete a task in no time.
Moreover, three a plenty examples of this blanket in a social media. There are also a YT team members creating videos, so there are lots of knowledge bases. As there is many project available to see, it is easier for you to decide on your favourite color set.

Can I make more items using this CAL?

The Lilliana CAL crochet blanket will surely be a wonderful blanket and a eye-catching element of your home decor. Apart from a blanket, a central square motif can also be a great pillow pattern. You can also make a bedspread with a matching pillows using the same Lilliana Blanket pattern. Surly this new new bed cover set would look stunning. 

The middle part form the Lilliana blanket will be great as a placemat or a doily as well.

The Lilliana blanket is also a great crochet baby blanket pattern. No matter if you choose neutral colors or bold colors, it will be an amazing baby shower gift.

Below are some of the Lilliana Blanket’s crochet projects. Link to the free pattern is at the end of the article.

Lilliana Crochet Blanket
Photos: © Vanessa Smith @ Hooked on Sunshine
Lilliana Cal Blanket Afghan Throw Free Pattern
photo: Allybobbless
Lilliana Cal Blanket Afghan Throw Free Pattern
photos: Sharon Blignaut

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Lilliana Crochet Blanket -Free  Pattern is >>here on Ravelry.

Most complicated parts you can see on the video tutorials. More details about yarn in Allybobbless’s realization you can find here and details about Sharon Blignaut’s project you will find here.

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Video Tutorial Part 1

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