Two pictures of a crocheted elephant with pink flowers.

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This cute elephant is sure to win everyone’s hearts and was made to be cuddled and carried around by kids. Although some of the stitching may seem challenging, the whole project is actually relatively easy to crochet, if you take care to maintain proportions and do everything in order. The presented color scheme is a classic, but feel free to match it to your little one’s tastes and preferences.
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Lady elephant free crochet pattern
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  1. Hi, I just want to make sure if the back legs are the same as the front legs?

  2. Lady crochet elephant: No directions for the hind legs and tail appear in the pattern. Will you kindly attend to this problem please. I cannot finish my elepant. Thus far it looks very pretty.

    1. Ginette Ford says:

      The leg pattern is for the hind legs that attach to bottom I made the front ones slightly smaller and are attached close together under the trunk. Made a small tail. I’m confused on how the head is positioned. Decreased area towards the front or the back ??

  3. cami Smith says:

    What are instructions for the back legs and tail

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