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Hypnotyzing Kaleidoscope Free Crochet Patterns

Hypnotyzing Kaleidoscope Crochet Patterns

The blanket patterns we are talking about today are truly legendary! They have been released as CAL themes once and have never stopped inspiring us since. Hypnotizing Kaleidoscope will make your head spin!

The Kaleidoscope Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern from the brilliant designer Catherine Bligh is simply iconic. Its highly developed surface intricately interplays with the color selection. If you need a new challenge that will give you the possibility to really focus on your crocheting and devote yourself to a project, this is the answer to your preyers. Which version will you choose? The one below is perfect for spring! The link to the free pattern is under the last photo.

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Skills: Advanced Designer: Catherine Bligh

The Kaleidoscope Blanket 2

We have just seen the Kaleidoscope Blanket in charming pastels, now it is time for something hot! These bold, super warm, very saturated shades are great for those of you who want to make a statement. Is this something for you? Obviously! This girl is on fire!

The Kaleidoscope Blanket 3

Time to cool down, don’t you think? This version of the famous Kaleidoscope is the exact opposite of the one you’ve seen above. This stunning cocktail of deep shades of violet, blue and green is so calming and sense-soothing. Truly magical, if you ask me!

The Kaleidoscope Blanket 1

Go to the pattern:

The Kaleidoscope Blanket



Squared Diamond Granny Throw Free Pattern

This is another iconic pattern that has inspired hundreds of crocheters so far and will keep inspiring us in the future. This author has decided to use refreshing shades of green and that’s why this version of the blanket is perfect for spring. The link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Skills: Easy Designer: Chris Apao

Squared Diamond Granny Throw

Go to the pattern:

Squared Diamond Granny Throw

More info here and here.

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