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Jeanette at Sunset Free Crochet Pattern

Jeanette at Sunset Free Crochet Pattern
This blanket, made in a collaboration between Anna Moore and Dedri Uys, is a great project for the spring and summer. Based on a 12″ – 7.3″ square and made in vivid colors, this blanket creates an interesting pattern which can be used almost everywhere. You can use this blanket as a bedspread in the master bedroom, a guest room or kids’ room. The Jeanette at Sunset Blanket in a smaller size will be perfect as a decorative throw for your living room or as a baby blanket. You can follow the hues used in the pattern to get the same rainbow effect or make the squares multicolor; you can also make the squares in one color. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post. 
SkillsEasy       Designer Dedri Uys

Jeanette at Sunset Free Crochet Pattern

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Jeanette at Sunset Free Crochet Pattern


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