Joanna Theron - interview with Joanita Theron.

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Kate is a designer and content creator, specializing in crafts and textile-related topics. She runs the Crochetpedia website, where she shares her crochet patterns, teaches through video tutorials, and researches crochet techniques. The experience as a pattern designer and education in fashion helped her better understand the world of textiles and handicraft. Kate comes from the family of makers, knitting and sewing from the early age. She lives by the Polish seaside with her partner and a dog.

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Today we meet talented Joanita Theron, who is the mastermind behind the website Creative Crochet Workshop and a prolific crochet designer. Her free CALs (crochet-alongs) entertain makers from all around the world, providing patterns for unique squares that in the end come together as blankets.

Sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the secrets of her work 🙂


How did you start your crochet journey?

I learned to crochet very young. My grandmother taught me the basics, but it was only when I got pregnant with my daughter that I took it up as a hobby again. And when I saw how crochet had evolved it sparked a passion inside for me to explore it fully.

Rainbow Boho Hexagon Throw Cushion

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by Joanita Theron

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Is crocheting your full-time job or just a hobby? What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Crocheting is my full-time job, alongside raising and caring for my family.
I love to be creative, and I have several hobbies I dabble in from time to time like – writing, painting, and drawing. My newest adventure is polymer clay!

 ccw scrapstopia rav01

Scrapstopia Blanket by Joanita Theron /

Where does the inspiration for your crochet squares and other pieces come from?

Oh my gosh. My inspiration comes from my very messy mind. I never really have a clear image of what I want until I start and then I just let my crochet hook lead the way. It is like having a blank canvas and just closing your eyes and letting your hand draw the picture.

How do you stay motivated to finish big crochet projects such as blankets?

Staying motivated can sometimes be very challenging. It is important to have something else to work on in between when it gets too much. Even if you just crochet as a hobby it is always good to take breaks. Working on a big project can be very intimidating. That is why I like to present my square blankets (or any project) as a crochet along – it helps to keep the motivation without being overwhelming.

What crochet stitches or techniques do you particularly enjoy? Do you have any favorite tools?

I have a very serious love affair with Popcorn Stitch, and I love to experiment with overlay crochet. But I like to challenge myself and will always try to learn something new.
My favorite tool is my clover hooks – especially my 3,50 (E) mm.

 zrzut ekranu

Crochet A Block Afghan 2017 by Joanita Theron /

What is your favorite project you have ever designed or made?

I have loved to design most of my projects to date, but my all-time favorite has only recently finally been tested and has yet to be released. A project that has taken a few years to complete and is still in development for some tweaks.

 zrzut ekranu

Flower Wheel Window Square by Joanita Theron /

Are you working on any crochet patterns right now? What are your plans for the future?

Yes! I am working on a few. A new blanket is on the working station, plus a few surprises I hope my followers will enjoy. My future plans include just keep enjoying to crochet and hopefully for a long time.

Have you been influenced by other designers (if so, by whom)?

That is something I am trying to avoid. It’s not possible not to see other designers’ work, but I just scroll down. I want the design idea comes from me, not from something I have seen already.

 zrzut ekranu

Crochet A Block 2021 Throw by Joanita Theron /

Have you experienced creative blocks (lost cro-jo), and if so, how do you
overcome them?

Hmmm… trying to think if it ever happened to me…. No, I don’t think so… but it happened that I was so busy with something else that I could not crochet for a few days… I was eager to take a crochet hook in my hands as soon as possible!!!

What are your creative plans for the future?

My nearest plans are to continue exploring mosaic crochet and to dive deeper to see what other possibilities are this technique caring. I already have some ideas, but let them be a secret for now. Sending you lots of love and I wish you unlimited crochet time!


About Joanita Theron

portrait of Joanita Theron

Joanita is the mastermind behind Creative Crochet Workshop.

FIND JOANITA THERON HERE:   |   YouTube   |   Instagram   |   Ravelry   |   Facebook   |   Pinterest   |   Etsy

Joanita Theron creates fun, cute, whimsical, and unique fiber arts patterns. You can find over 600 designs on her Ravelry page. She specializes in crochet blankets and afghan blocks, but her library includes accessories, home decor, and clothing. As she states on her page, “Crochet is an art and crocheters are artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter”.


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