Imagine Afghan Block Free Crochet Pattern

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This is the next stunning afghan block designed by Polly Plum. Imagine is so rich in texture, that it looks like a 3D-shape block. A variety of colors will be easy to personalize to reflect your mood or to combine your favorite colors into one masterpiece. The finished square is 12′. Although a pattern can be a little challenging, the final result will award all your efforts. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

Skills:  Intermediate      Designer:  Polly Plum

Imagine Afghan Block Free Crochet Pattern

And here you can see this block in different color combo made by SaturatedLifeCro:


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Important–Changes and order are not mentioned before you start colour. Directions for fastening are included only where necessary in the next round, regardless of the colours. Every round starts as much as appropriate by starting with the fresh yarn OR to carry on the same yarn. This gives you full artistic liberty and encourages you to test your own colours. Please press here to view the blog article if you would like the detail about the colours used in my edition.

Go to the pattern:

Imagine Afghan Block Free Crochet Pattern

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