Rolling Waves Stitch Project

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The rolling waves stitch is a wonderful pattern for decorating the surface of a crocheted item, and to render a surface that appears to look 3D , but are just a bit ripply, which means the whole surface itself is relatively easy to make and does not require a lot of yarn, like highly developed 3D surfaces do. Also, when you combine this stitch with the right choice of colors, such as a gradient in a given palette, this becomes a stunning field of colored and shimmering ripples.

Rolling Waves Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This Rolling Waves Blanket is the perfect lap or throw size blanket. It is made with the Rolling Waves Stitch and different kinds of purple yarns to create and amazing gradient in the blanket.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Nicole Riley
Rolling Waves Blanket
The full article about this pattern is here:

Rolling Waves Blanket

Video Tutorial:

Textured Rolling Waves Tutorial and 3 in 1 Dinosaur Blanket Pattern

Here is another pattern that is a great example of how one can use the rolling wave stitch in a totally different configuration. This ultra-cute dinosaur is a great example of what can be done with this versatile stitch. Also, you can only download this pattern for free  till THURSDAY, MAY 7TH 2020 AT 7PM, UK TIME. After that it becomes a paid pattern. Don’t miss it!

SkillsIntermediate        Designer Crafting Happiness
3 in 1 Dino Blanket
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The full article about this pattern is here:

Textured Rolling Waves Tutorial and 3-in-1 Dino Blanket

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  1. Sheila Hamilton says:

    i could not get the free pattern for the rolling 3in 1 dinosaur blanket it is may 5th and it was suppose to be good til may 7th would really like to have the pattern thank you so much

    1. Sheila, sorry, a link was wrong, it was corrected. Please try it now.

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