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Honeycomb Trellis Stitch Crochet Tutorials 

The Honeycomb Trellis stitch is a wonderful way of making repeated, regular circles that form a solid, yet airy surface perfect for making summer afghans, table runners and shoulder wraps. The projects have sufficient drape to assume any shape needed, but at the same time lacy enough to not be overly hot or stifling. I’m sure this you’ll find tons of uses for this versatile and useful stitch.

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Honeycomb Trellis Stitch Free Tutorial by Erangi Udeshika

Here is a tutorial for making projects using the HoneycombTrellis stitch. It’s a detailed and well-illustrated set of instructions for using this wonderful technique. The author also has some suggestions as to yarns and applications.

Honeycomb Trellis Stitch

The full tutorial of this stitch is here:

Honeycomb Trellis Stitch


Honeycomb Trellis Stitch Free Tutorial by Daisy Cottage Designs:

Here is a tutorial for a slightly different version of this stitch, which produces smaller voids and denser lattices. This tutorial has a vide that accompanies the written portion really well.

Honeycomb Trellis Stitch

The full tutorial of this stitch is here:


Honeycomb Trellis Stitch


And lastly, here is an example of a project made using the Honeycomb Trellis stitch, using multiple colors. Your project will also have some lovely color transitions, if you just mix and match the colors right.

More info about photo: Lisa @ Stitch in Progress


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